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i dOn´t wanna be riCh
i dOn´t wanna be famOus
i dOn´t wanna have a million of friends
all i want is tO be yOur girl


26.3.07 22:38

if a girl breaks the heart of a boy

she will cry with him and cOmpfOrt him
she will tell him she's sOrry a milliOn times
she will never fOrget hOw she hurt him
she will try to stay friends with him
she will stay away frOm bOys fOr a while

if a bOy beaks the heart Of a girl

he will laugh and tell all his friends
he will be prOud and feel gOod
he will say fuCk yOu bitCh
he will fOrget abOut her
he will fuCk the neXt girl On the very same day

26.3.07 22:47

why is lOve suCh a diffiCult thing?!
26.3.07 22:49




yOu treaded me like i was made fOr playing.. but nOw itz Over dOn´t even think abOut dOing this again

26.3.07 22:57

yOu think yOu´ll get a new chanCe?
ohw bOy stOp dreamin
26.3.07 22:59

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